Remove Raivo OTP (iOS MFA)

I don’t think so. Raivo itself does not provide any revenue. For startpage, it was already a company has revenue model.


In the absence of any real details, this GitHub comment makes it sound like the original dev is surrendering control entirely. Not a good sign.


I threw a post up on my blog about migrating from Raivo(to 2FAS, Tofu, or Aegis if switching to Android), I’m curious to see what will replace it if not 2FAS.

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I started moving out yesterday as well. Don’t want to run the risk of losing an account. Any suggested 2FAs apps are welcomed.

In favour of removal, original author has been online on linkedin but seeminly does not want to give a statement. Perhaps things will be cleared up later but for now it’s safe to remove it from the site.

Where does this leave iOS users in need of a TOTP app?

Not sure, most people seem to be following this discussion:

Another option we haven’t looked at too much yet is Ente Auth:

I’m not super thrilled with solutions that require cloud sync though.

Was going to suggest Tofu which I always have been but does not seem to be update anymore (nov 2022) but still works quite well.