Remove ExifCleaner

From Anish-M-Code on GitHub:

Reference: szTheory/exifcleaner#218

Exifcleaner is recommended here: Data and Metadata Redaction - Privacy Guides

Exifcleaner is no longer maintained since march 2022 , it might be heavily behind security updates and hence bad for privacy.

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I dunno, i can see no statements that is no longer maintained. And 1 year for relatively simple software like this is not THAT long in my opinion.

I think it would be better to first give the lead dev a poke to see what hes up to.

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Sounds reasonable, but I don’t think I’ll be developing this app much further. I started it just to learn Electron and it does what I want for my own purposes.

I remember mentioning this back when I was in the team, and we didn’t act on it at the time, but seeing as the developer themselves doesn’t seem interested in continuing this project, I would get rid of it.

Also, to demonstrate issues with using outdated software (even simple software like this), from the project’s README:

If you are running a version of ExifCleaner before 3.6.0, upgrade immediately! A security vulnerability was found in exiftool, the command-line application that powers ExifCleaner under the hood, and this was updated in ExifCleaner 3.5.0. There was also an XSS and Electron remote shell vulnerability due to unsanitized HTML output that was fixed in ExifCleaner 3.6.0.

Who’s to say that a similar vulnerability won’t crop up in the future as well? Using software with outdated libraries dependencies is risky, and not something we should be encouraging by recommending it.


Whelp, forget what i said then, away it goes!
( i checked the website and github readme and didn’t see anything there)

Well, that wasn’t exactly what I meant, I mean’t that whenbrelatively small and simple software which gets used locally without updates for a year strikes me as less of an issue then lets say a browser.


I’ve been using Metadata Cleaner in Silverblue, mainly because it was recommended by the GNOME Software featured page.