Remove download links

I don’t think there’s a good reason for us to maintain a list of download links for every piece of software on the site since the developer’s website always has it anyway. I think it would also make the cards look a bit sleeker.


This seems sensible and I’m always in favour of decluttering…

I think the problem with doing this is that it indicates what platforms a particular tool is available on.


Yeah but I think if people want to know what platform it’s on they’ll just go to the dev’s site.

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I am going to heavily disagree with this, one complaint I have of the current site is that the OS for each tool is not obvious enough. You see, people COULD look it up, but I find myself linking the site to other people and then holding their hands a little more after the first fews clicks land them on tools that won’t work for their OS. Honestly speaking, the fact that the download button is a toddle is not so obvious to everyone and what is under it is more important than the development’s site or the GitHub page.

A notorious case for this is the OTP Apps, there are two options and choice is made for you by your phone OS, you need to click into the first one to realize it won’t work for you if you have an iPhone when that could be right there.

What if icons were shown, in the top right corner for example, to indicate the platforms that the app/service is available on? They don’t have to lead to the download links, they can just be static icons, and it also solves the problem of not being clear where the app is available.

This could be an opportunity to make the site more visitor friendly. Linking download pages would reduce the friction in adopting new apps and services. It is annoying that the links have to be updated from time to time but I do appreciate it a lot.

Also when I have to clean up a PC, I used to just point them to this site and click on the download links, especially during the time when we had a lot of recommended plugins.

Well it seems like the downloads are popular so I think we’ll keep them.

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I prefer this idea as it removes the need for maintaining links.
Nowadays, mobile apps can also run on desktop OSes.

I think it is important to make clear that security or privacy isn’t about the tools you use or the software you download. Even if you use the most secure tools and software, your privacy can still be compromised if you do not properly secure your devices, use weak passwords, or share personal information online.