Recommended tablet for privacy?

Hello, I was wondering if there was any privacy based tablets being sold? Or far more likely if there are any functional OS that can be installed on a tablet that has been tested by others?

Besides the Pixel Tablet, ideally looking for a tablet no more than 200 USD if possible, the Pixel seems to be well over double that at a minimum.

Know not to put faith in used whenever possible so was hoping for a long shot at someone knowing one.

Any suggestions or is Graphene it for tablets? I plan to use this as my daily tablet for pretty much everything so it will need to have Fdroid or be able to enable Google Play Store. Which also means being able to disable all Google activity when not in use.

GrapheneOS on the Pixel Tablet is the only configuration that fits with our Android OS recommendations at the moment unfortunately, the custom ROMs we recommend don’t support any other tablet hardware as far as I know.

The Android tablet hardware scene is basically nonexistent these days unless you want a Samsung device. Maybe the Pixel Tablet will inspire better Android tablets in the future, but today there aren’t really good options.


For low price (~200$), PineTab might be an option. Though it’s based on old and slow ARM A53 SoC.
Stalabs presented new StarLite5 recently. That one is more expensive (€600), but quite powerful, it’s basically a PC

Samsung Tab S6 Lite, running with LineageOS