Starlabs StarLite vs Google Tablet

My question is very simple. I am interested in a large screen but moderately portable, tablet or small computer sized device, and I want to use it mostly for downloading and reading books, watching videos, and maybe using it for studying in high school. I’ve been searching, and have filtered through options until I’ve come up with the two I’ve indicated. On the one hand, we would have a Starlabs Starlite with coreboot and a configured Linux (for when the Fedora configuration guide?), and on the other hand we would have the Google Tablet, to which we would put Graphene OS. Which of the two options do you think would respect more my privacy online? (I do not plan to use it much online, the idea would be to download both books and videos and work most of the time offline).
I would also like to know if you could recommend applications for the tasks I have described (alternatives if possible, because for example the gOS pdf viewer, to be frank, is certainly terrible).

As someone who uses GrapheneOS and Linux, I would say GrapheneOS is more secure and easy to use than Linux, while still having a substantial ecosystem of private/libre software. Based on your needs, I honestly see nothing a Linux device would offer you compared to a GrapheneOS tablet.

People around here pretty much recommend apps by seeing what’s on F-Droid, and I’m sure you’ll find what you need there. I hear KOReader is good for ebooks, for example.

Worth noting that the Pixel Tablet has no official external keyboard yet. Any generic one should work, but that would be my hesitation for a device meant for schoolwork, compared to a laptop or something.