Looking at switching from S23 to Pixel for GrapheneOS

Hi All,

So I recently started down the rabbit hole of Privacy, doing a Google takeout, reading about the samsung data collection and other bits has me concerned enough I believe its time to start a transition to a more privacy setup.

I’ve got some bits ready, I have a little PC which will replace my smart TV, I’ll be sticking either Linux or a media centre on it to watch videos, and I’ve also got some services ready for when I do the switch to a new email address.

However my big issue is the phone, the S23 isn’t that old, and to be fair its bad timing that I started reading into this.
I am tempted to get a Pixel 6a, flash GrapheneOS and set that up, but there is part of me thats got I suppose a sunk cost feeling with the fact the S23 is still new.

I’ve looked into making it more private, but it still calls home a lot and I feel just starting fresh with GrapheneOS is the easiest way to start.

What are your thoughts here? should I just get a second hand 6a, flash GrapheneOS and then stick the Samsung in a draw? give it to a family member or sell it maybe?


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I mean, yeah you should sell it if you want to switch lol- An S23 would pay for a 6a or probably even a 7.

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Thats a fair point :slight_smile:
Any benefit really for the 7 pro? I assume just better cameras and screen?

The Pixel 7/7 Pro has the Tensor 2 SoC (the 6 and 6a both have the original Tensor chip) and receives an additional 3 months of guaranteed updates. I have the 6a and it is good, I wouldn’t buy a 7 (Pro) because I don’t like giant phones but that is a personal preference :slight_smile:

Would love to read your updates on smart tv. I still have not found a good solution.

My plan is to use a wysebox with either librelec or some form of Linux, then install youtube either via addon or freetube.
All will be going via VPN, on a internetless monitor ive got and a bluetooth keyboard /w trackpad thing :slight_smile: