Proton VPN on AppleTV?

Anyone managed to get this to work? Please tell me how :slight_smile:

I don’t think you can since they discontinued IKEv2 support.

I use Tailscale which works with Mullvad exit nodes on mine.

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There are VPN apps, and I found this that actually makes it possible. Proton VPN has announced it will also come with a VPN app, like several other providers already have.

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Opted for installing the Mullvad Base DNS profile on our AppleTV, as ProtonVPN (profile installed on our router) was causing issues with streaming platforms. It is the only device not going through the VPN profile.

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You are best to run a VPN from a router, which can catch all home devices, you might know this, but Apple are now using iCloud Private Relay (About iCloud Private Relay - Apple Support) disable it as it is very privacy invasive.

Does it actually work at all to bypass geo-locks on apple tv?

I once tried Control D’s global proxy locations on apple tv to bypass geo restrictions. Unfortunately it didn’t work at all and the app I wanted it for still recognized my location.

Strangely enough, the workaround with Control D proxies on the iPad worked without any problems.