Mullvad fails to connect on macOS when DNS blocking settings are enabled

Mullvad app on macOS 13 doesn’t work when DNS blocking settings are enabled within the app. I’ve tried many different configurations as I can and every one points back to issues with the DNS settings. It works fine without any DNS blocking enabled.

Has anyone else experienced this/have any workarounds? I’m not sure how to notify Mullvad of this issue either.

Remember that Apple likes to be exempt from societal and digital norms…

You should probably do the DNS blocking on a network level, and not on the machine level. It is sort of useless to wrestle with the underlying OS when the developers of said OS is actively making DNS blocking difficult for you. All your efforts can be nullified after their next patch cycle.

Get a PiHole or a pfSense+pfBlockerNg or something like what ProtonVPN does with a VPN- level DNS filtering.

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I don’t have any issues with the same setup. Maybe try to disconnect from any server you are currently connected to and then connecting again. That has helped me in the past when I have had any issues where the internet wasn’t working with Mullvad on.

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I just recalled something, sometimes VPN servers get retired and that breaks their VPN configuration. Check if your VPN configs are still valid and try to download newer config files (when applicable).