Do I need to use AdGuard DNS filtering if I'm already using Mullvad?


According to Mullvad, “All of your DNS requests get rerouted to our own non-logging DNS resolver instead of to your ISP or a public DNS provider.” I use the Mullvad app on my Mac.

This makes me think that I don’t need to enable AdGuard’s AdGuard DNS on Mac, so I currently have DNS Protection disabled on the AdGuard App (and the radio set to System Default instead of AdGuard DNS, although it’s greyed-out since DNS Protection is disabled).

Yeah, if you already use Mullvad’s DNS resolver with their VPN, then there is little to no sense to use a different DNS resolver, because then 2 entities (Mullvad and AdGuard) would have data about you instead of only one (Mullvad). And welcome to the community with your first post! :wave:

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