Proton Mail in Shelter

I am using free tier of Proton app. I have 2 accounts on proton.

I have created an clone app of proton using shelter. Will Proton block my email if I login to both the Proton accounts using my main and shelter profile.

In free tier only one account login is allowed.

No, they make no effort to detect that to begin with.

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The truth is we don’t know. But most likely not. Proton is a business, but regardless of their privacy and open source reputation, I think it would cost them more money to enforce these kinds of policies than any money they’re losing from this kind of situation.

However, I would be interested to know why you need two? And, assuming you can, you should get a paid plan on one of the accounts, at least for a month or so, to support Proton. You are going to cost them more money if you have two accounts, and they can’t keep working on their private services without money.

It’s fine, I do it all the time. And proton itself doesn’t seem to have a problem with it (having multiple account)