Privately changing your voice

Any best options nowadays to change your voice (I do not need Real time normally, since it’s for recording first videos and then posting them, thereafter) to avoid IA / abuse of violating my privacy? Either it be a software locally on computer/mobile, or a service that doesn’t save/keep memory of your recordings? I do not even know if additional physical devices (hardware) that changes it instead are viable options since they are offline im guessing, but I’ve never tried myself

While I would have joked that you could just talk like Nolan’s Batman, there are other things such as choice of words and manner of speaking that can betray your identity.

To oversimplify: You could garble the pitch and modulate all the voice all you want but if you keep speaking “Nyee, Whats up Doc?” I would still know you are Bugs Bunny, or at least have the high index of suspicion that you are.


bump, would Like to know as well.

In real time works nice but probably is a privacy nightmare.

there is also Clownfish Voice Changer

never tried / don’t know privacy stuff about it.

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I mean, even just a bit though, doesn’t harm, it doesn’t need to necessarily hide choice of words / manner of speaking, just a bit of Haze / mist on top of the voice is enough im guessing, to at least have put some efforts on it lol.

appreciate a lot that you took the time and mentionned everything of that though, since it’s definitely important to note. That was also funny to read, thank you haha, Hope your day will be blessed :blue_heart:

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Nice zoro picture lepras! I like his more “samurai” arc in Wano depicted on it, although we didn’t get to see deeper background of him before the end of it though :rofl:

Its definitely better than your bare voice but if you are going for that anyway, text to speech would protect you more.

If you could also have access to a privacy respecting
AI LLM, you could ask the AI to rewrite/edit the message you want to speak and then pipe it to a text to speech.

Right now I dont know how to do a privacy respecting AI LLM that is offline but maybe in the future.

100%, do you know any with almost human like speech?

where is my remind me bot when I need it the most?

Naturally speaking synthetic text to speech is a double edged sword that favors spam callers and other abuses. I dont know if I want to have that kind of technology, although I’m sure its already out there, IIRC.