Private GitHub alternatives

As we know, GitHub is owned by Microsoft corporation that is not really good for privacy.

It is really big pain to find privacy oriented full featured code hosting, so many beginner developers start with GitHub

It will be extremely helpful if PG will create a guide with private code hosting providers to avoid such situation

If your code is going to be publicly available anyway, why is a private option necessary. Seems like a useless addition to the site…


Well, GitHub can digest all code hosted on their to power their Copilot, regardless of license. And GitHub is owned by Microsoft, so big tech company is involved. I personally don’t have a huge issue with it, but respect those seeking other sources.

And sometimes code doesn’t have to be publicly, even if open source. GPL software can mean that the end user can request the source, not necessarily that it’s provided off the bat. Also, OP didn’t say open source, could be some private repos.

I think GitLab has options?

See this discussion: GitLab

Does that apply for self hosting as well? That issue seems to be using their public instance.

Read the rest of the discussion where alternatives are provided i meant

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Something owned by some company doesn’t make a good case for whether something is good or bad for privacy, especially when it is all public anyway.

As for private content, that shouldn’t be in a git repo anyway - that should be stored in some sort of vault and only merged when necessary.

Closing, this thread as it is duplicate discussion of the one above.

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