Privacy value Mastercard True Name

For those who didn’t know first some context: Mastercard True Name® Feature Expands Across the Globe Supporting Transgender and Non-Binary Communities Worldwide | Mastercard Newsroom

Mastercard basically has a program that allows anyone to use an alternative name on their credit card. Interestingly this is also available at some banks in the EU.

I am wondering what is your takes on this. Obviously Mastercard and your bank will still know your legal name, but it will limit the exposure to just those to entities.

Basically like will accept any name on card this will allow the true name as name on card.

It might also be interesting to add that Revolut also accepts any name but some reports suggest that they still share data with the payment service provider, although I haven’t been able to confirm that as the PSPs I tried this with (stripe and Mollie) do not share this data with a merchant.


The big benefit for that people don’t mention is that you are also able to use any billing address when using their cards. This to me is important as its pretty easy to connect you to whatever you paid for if your billing info still has your home address attached to it.

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Actually I never had issues when filling rubbish there with Revolut either. I don’t think they check it, whether Revolut might share your data regardless is however another problem.

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PG should really mention that. I’m using Privacy just to hide my purchase history from my bank. I didn’t know I could also hide my address from the services I pay with Privacy.

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I just checked my Citi account, as Citi was cited as a company that had implemented this. It looks like they only allow customization of your first name. I’m glad to have the option, but last name customization would of course afford much more privacy.

This is especially true if your last name tends to be on the rare sounding surnames locally. It also wont help you if you are an expat/overseas with a western sounding surname and you are on a, lets say a middle east country.

Yes this is correct, but the privacy aspect of that is debatable. If you have a common last name and less common first name this might be better. It all depends.