Card masking tool


I have a trouble finding good tool to hide my banking information (card details) from online shops.

I am from Ukraine, so I can’t use privacy[dot]com or Revolut.

Do you have any advice?

Just to break it once more. Revolut is NOT a card masking service. All the cards you can get at revolut will be in your name. There is nothing privacy friendly about Revolut. In fact revolut had quite some controversies about sharing customer data with Facebook. ( )

Besides that, once more, to make this clear, a service like will not exist in the EU because of regulations against fraud, terrorism and money laundering. There no such thing as annoymous payments here.

Given it’s not in the EU, it will probably never be a thing in Ukraine either. For better and for worse.


While @ph00lt0 makes a very important and 100% accurate point, OP if your goal is not privacy but just more security of your card details, something like virtual cards that can be quickly created, frozen and destroyed again can come in handy, even when they’re all in your name. Revolut indeed is shady imo but in the EU there are many other decent digital banks, some operating just in a single member country, some in multiple. As for Ukraine, sadly I have no info. But Ukrainians have many talented IT people.

There is no point in getting more security on payments as they are insured by your bank. At least that is how it works in the EU. So effectively for you as a customer there is no real benefit, you are just volunteering for the bank’s security team.

I think this is actually a toxic change of responsibilities. Banks and the payment industry (mastercard visa consortium) make quite terrible ways to authenticate online card payments with shitty layers like 3D “secure” still with static ceditcard numbers. Why is that the customer’s problem now? The industry should move on and authenticate transactions in a completely different way, not with card numbers, but by authenticating a transaction by simply signing in to your bank account. I really never understood how we ended up using cards for online payments.

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