Privacy friendly easy local file transfer service

I used to have NitroShare (FOSS) to easily transfer files from one device to another one through local wifi. Do you know some equivalent? I have huge files to transfer.

Define huge.

I use Signal’s “Note To Self” feature if the files are not too big.

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I also use Signal for small files and for all other use cases

Yes but Signal limit is very small… and it’s not convenient for large amount of small files. But still thank you for the link, will have a look

Hard to beat usb storage in terms of convenience and capacity.

Yes i know that but i’m wondering if there is any workaround to make this possible for the work profile?

AirDrop can handle large file pretty well, if you are sharing between iDevices.
I think nearby share also can handle big files, which is the airdrop equivalent for android/windows.

I don’t think there is any “privacy” risk involved as they use peer-to-peer protocols.

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Nice sarcasm. Obviously the recommendations did not match my needs. But that would have required to read the post first.

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Where does your post say or infer that Syncthing wouldn’t work?

Try snapdrop, you can host your own instance

Good alternative to airdrop and nearby share that work cross-platform.

However, it seems like the file size depend on the browser which is 4GB.