Privacy focused keyboard

I am currently using SwiftKey keyboard. I have disabled it’s internet connectivity using rethink. But occasionally, during phone restart or when I have stop restart rethink, it connects to internet.

I wanted to know : 1. Between SwiftKey and Board which is better from privacy pov
2. Most of famous open source keyboards (Florisboard, Open Keyboard, et) aren’t updated since last 2 years on fdroid, so are there any other good open source keyboard that someone can recommend.

My threat model is basic. I just want to avoid sharing my data with large corporation.


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I really like HeliBoard, an OpenBoard fork, which has replaced GBoard for me because it works as well and has multilanguage support. It is also updated regularly, is open-source, and works completely offline.


Keyboards are keyboards. I mean I am good if they claim they are feature complete and on maintenance mode for any privacy/security issues. If no one posted issues regarding this (I haven’t checked though). I would still consider them be considered “up to date”


Yes, I use it too. It’s really good. You can also add swipe typing if you are are willing to load the required proprietary Google library for it. (Note that Heliboard is 100% offline, so this is not a privacy issue, just a software freedom issue.)

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How did I miss this? I’ve been looking for a decent alternative since the end of OpenBoard. I’ve been a fan of the simplicity. I’m installing HeliBoard as we speak. Thanks!!


there is now an apk variant given which disallows user installed libraries. though it will still load that library from the system if swypelibs, which i think is in google play services or google apps is installed

Where is the best place to get Heliboard? I’ve noticed it’s not on F-Droid, but it’s on IzzyOnDroid, which I’ve not used before.
Also, will it get automatic updates?

I’m getting it straight from GitHub using Obtainium which allows automatic updates.


I may be wrong here, but isn’t IzzyOnDroid just taking APKs from the source repo and put them in their F-Droid repo? So, in theory, there isn’t any problem about the security issues of F-Droid, right?

Thanks! I see you can get Obtainium from either Github or F-Droid (which I already use). Does it matter where it’s from?

It doesn’t really matter, but since you’re already using F-Droid, you might as well use it.

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Yes that is correct

Heliboard s now in fdroid as well

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