Privacy browser for daily usage

Hello everyone,

I wanted to ask what web browser do you recommend for daily usage like logging into personal accounts and joining zoom meetings through browser?

Is Mullvad browser a good option for daily usage ? Or should I use Firefox or Brave ?


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Please read Privacy Respecting Web Browsers for PC and Mac - Privacy Guides first

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My understanding is that Mullvad Browser is not suitable for logging into personal accounts and that it’s more for regular web surfing.
I don’t really understand the difference between hardened Firefox and Mullvad Browser and I don’t understand what are the side-effects of hardening Firefox, will it have compatibility issues for zoom meetings or other websites ?
Does Brave come will all hardened Firefox like settings by default ?


There is no such thing like hardened profile thats ready to be uploaded into browser and all set; every person has slightly different needs when it comes to privacy and everyone understands hardening differently.

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If you are looking for a simple solution, choose Brave and follow the configuration guide.

If you would prefer FF you will have to do some additional research about what you actually want to achieve and how to set this up in FF.


Just to add to these comments, I use Firefox for work pretty much as you describe. I follow most of the recommended configurations (see @Valynor 's link) and don’t have issues, although I use Meet not Zoom.

You could just set up your browser and have a quick Zoom call to test. You can do this if you want to test Brave or Mullvad too. In other words, don’t wait until your important team meeting!

It’s probably more important to split your work and personal browsing, than be too worried about the privacy of your work-related browsing. Unless you work for the NSA!

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Haha good :slight_smile:

Tor for anything you need one time and don’t want to share even bit of data with them, Firefox and VPN for other sites that are important for you

If your logging in with personal accounts, Id use brave or firefox. Mullvad browser doesnt really seem intended for accounts mostly just daily browsing, and its to blend people in together so that would be kinda useless

You could also use brave or firefox for daily browsing.


I’ve never tried the Mullvad browser, but I really do like DuckDuckGo’s browser. I use a hardened Firefox for when DDG doesn’t want to load things.

Me too. Tor for anything that doesn’t need speed or “clean” IP, Firefox with VPN for normal stuff

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DuckDuckGo browser has a lot of problems regarding tracking protection. See


It has neither good security nor privacy features.


What exactly are the main points for avoiding DDG? Right now, I am really liking their mail aliases.

You can keep it installed to use their email aliases, but I wouldn’t use it as a browser. On Android it’s a WebView based browser with all the downsides like no site isolation, barely any state partitioning and misses some permission control.

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Thanks for letting me know! I will definitely start looking for an alternative.

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You mean browser or search engine?

If you mean browser, than thats just yet another browser out there; nothing special, but some (hidden) risk(s) awaits…

As of their search engine: I highly recommend it; very powerful and excellent replacement of Google.

Yeah, they are my go-to search engine to avoid Google. Even if the results may not be perfect. My main reason for using the browser is for the duck alias addresses, so switching to something else won’t be too difficult of a change.

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