Help with browsers I should personally use

:wave:hello. I am not tech/privacy savvy by ANY stretch of the definition but I do want to be more privacy conscious. so please forgive me if what I’m asking is really basic.

I have read the website and I’ve seen that the recommended browsers are brave, mullvard and mozilla. Also from my very limited knowledge i know it’s best to use different browsers for different uses. However I can only really stomach using 2.

I have to use brave as one because I need chromium for an extension I use often. I intend this browser to be the one i use when I’m logged in to things.

However I’m not sure if i should use Mozilla or Mullvard as my second browser. It seems that mullvard is more private but i’m using protonvpn and thus that makes the pool smaller so i was wondering if i should just go with Mozilla instead.

Then on the other hand I’m also a bit concerned about download token that gets downloaded with firefox. But as i said i’m not tech savvy and I have no clue what it even is. I’m just uneasy that it’s unique.

anyway i would appreciate any advice given. :bowing_man:

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Mullvad Browser would be the better choice. You don’t have to use Mullvad VPN to benefit from using Mullvad Browser.

If you want you could just use Brave for everything, no need to overcomplicate things.


First off – use what works for you – people can get weirdly opinionated about Browsers, but all three (Firefox, Brave, Mullvad) browsers you mentioned are good choices.

As Lukas said, You don’t necessarily need to use multiple browsers. But if you want to, you can, most of us here probably do use 2 or more browsers for different purposes.

Whether Firefox or Mullvad is the better choice for you depends on how you will use it/what you will use it for. Mullvad Browser is intended to be used in a pretty specific way, for that specific use-case, it is the best option. Mullvad Browser is a modified version of Firefox which attempts to defend against advanced fingerprinting, that involves some tradeoffs which constrain how you use the browser, because that is an important aspect of combating browser fingerprinting. So if preventing advanced browser fingerprinting is importand to you in the context you would use this browser, Mullvad is a great choice. But if this will just be a browser you use to signin to accounts, something with more relaxed defaults that you modify to your needs (like Firefox or Brave) may be the better choice.


Hi there exi and welcome to the community!

You’ve already received some great advice from two of the best members here.

In my experience, it’s better to use multiple browsers as opposed to relying on one.

I was overly reliant on Firefox so when it crashed I was in real trouble!

There are other options out there:

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