Predirect - Extension to replace popular sites with privacy front ends

I made this extension to redirect links and embeds to sites like YouTube , Twitter(RIP), Reddit etc to their privacy frontends. I made it after being annoyed by libredirect as it wasn’t published in stores and required many unnecessary permissions. Predirect is a manifest V3 web extension and requires minimal permissions. It currently redirects to instanced randomly but can be set to a custom instance.
Try it- GitHub - libreom/predirect: A manifest v3 web extension with minimal permissions that automatically redirects popular sites to privacy friendly frontends
Chrome store
Predirect – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US)
Thanks for any feedback. Whether it gets included or not, I wanted to showcase the project.
It currently supports these sites-

how does this compare to libdirect and are instances even working after the recent war on API’s?

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Libredirect requires excessive permissions, built on manifest V2, and isn’t present in browser extension stores like chrome, edge. Predirect is built on manifest V3, uses newer privacy friendly APIs, requires minimal permissions. A more detailed comparison is here- predirect/ at ca9d4b86d80f675eaf0a3f459983d1d759a40451 · libreom/predirect · GitHub

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Nitter, proxitok, proxigram are unreliable currently but others work fine

alright will give it a go but trying a new tool is ofcourse risky lets just hope the devs aren’t doing anything creepy.

nitter is dead, every instance will stop working in the near future.