Positon location service - avoid /e/OS


Never heard of that project. Anyone has a link? Cant seem to even find it. The article doesnt contain any evidense unfortunatly so i’d like to check it out.

Wonder if there is any verifiable evidence of what is said. That would help. The person running this website doesnt have the best opsec… But i see no link as of yet, let alone a bad intent. Surely not a fan of projects ljke this in general but that being pyt aside.

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First, credit where credit is due. GrapheneOS is far and away the best usable privacy and security oriented mobile OS. Clearly, there are a bunch of very knowledgable people that work on the project.

For that reason, they have earned some trust in the community in my eyes.

That being said, whenever they engage in drama, which they do quite a bit, they never cite their sources, relying instead on the well deserved goodwill they have built up over the years.

So I believe what they are saying, but I am in no position to verify any of it and neither is anyone else really.

Unfortunately, this makes their claims rather dubious.


They’re not even citing an author so we know who wrote the article.

I believe using /e/ & calyx os is not useful for any threat model whatsover.

Even if you want to use some old device, divested is the thing you should use.