Play Store Ente Auth needs an account

I recently downloaded Ente Auth from Google Play and saw that the app do require to create or login to an account. (Privacy Guides says that no account is required, But on Play Store with Android 14 this isn’t true. )

Am I missing something here ?

I would expect you do, as Ente is hosted on their servers encrypted.

Where does it say that?

It is not required, select use without backup.


It can also be used offline on a single device with no account necessary.

He probably misunderstood it.

@anonymous146 already answered him.

(I just checked again). When opening the app for the first time, I’m first asked to allow notifications. After allowing, I have two options : New to Ente or Existing user. There is no “skip” option. I even tried putting fake e-mail but it didn’t work.

Tbh, I don’t mind. I like that it is synced with cloud, but PG shouldn’t say an account isn’t required.

@jerm I understand PG as saying that an account isn’t necessary to have the basic, local functions. That contrast to my experience of the app not working without an account.