Orion Browser for macOS and iOS

This is a browser I really wish to have discovered sooner, as it implements the ability to install addons from Firefox and Chrome stores on macOS and iOS besides being seemingly faster than Safari.

source for this info: Orion F.A.Q.

Important things to note:

Is Orion open-source?
We’re working on it! We’ve begun with some of our components and intend to open more in the future.
Forking WebKit, porting hundreds of APIs and writing a browser app from scratch has been challenging for our small team. Properly maintaining an open-source project takes time and resources we’re short on at the moment, so if you want to contribute at this time, please consider becoming active on orionfeedback.org.

Is Orion truly safe if it’s not open-source?
The idea that “open-source = trustworthy” only goes so far. For example, the same tech company that offers a popular open-source browser also has the largest ad/tracking network in history, with that browser playing a significant role in it. Another company with a closed-source browser (using WebKit like Orion) is on the forefront of privacy awareness and technologies in its products.

Besides this, Orion is still in public beta: Orion F.A.Q.

What’s the default search engine in Orion?
Our commitment to your privacy means that Orion will ask you to set your favorite search engine on your first use of the address bar. Otherwise, the moment you start typing in the address bar, it would leak your IP address and browser fingerprint to a search engine that you may prefer to avoid.

By basing Orion on Safari’s tech stack, then adding productivity enhancements such as built-in ad-blocking, Orion can provide users with exactly what they need.

What about privacy? Orion is a true zero-telemetry browser, with a powerful built-in ad and tracking blocker. Even with its default settings, Orion offers the highest possible privacy protection on the web.

How fast is Orion?
Orion is as fast or faster than Safari, because while both use the WebKit engine, we streamlined our browser for smoother use. Orion is much faster than non-WebKit browsers like Firefox or Chrome and its derivatives (Edge, Brave, Opera, etc.).

For our power users, Orion has the best closed-tab management of all contemporary browsers. On default settings, Orion will consume 2x-3x less memory than mainstream choices after closing tabs.

Previous discussion for reference:

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Looking through the discussion, I can see how recommending it on macOS is not the best approach, but I wonder what is the teams stance in recommending it on iOS?

I was using Safari with Adguard but it didn’t block any ads for me even after updating the filter lists.
And as a bonus, it does not seem to collect any sort of data despite being closed-source so replacing Safari with it at least on the iPhone seems to be more private (if not more private, then more tolerable, as at least in my case, Adguard wasn’t working as intended with Safari)

I can’t reproduce this, since I use Adguard+Safari every day :thinking: