Arc Browser Security & Privacy settings


I’m beginning to use Arc Browser.
Do you have recommandation for the privacy / security settings ?



Seems like it’s a macOS/ios thing Arc (web browser) - Wikipedia

What a lack of browser choice do to a mf lmao

  1. the design and the functionalities are pretty good :
  1. Their Privacy Policy seems ok : Privacy Policy

There is ZERO reason to use a proprietary browser, when there are so many proper choices available that aren’t proprietary be it Chromium/Brave, Firefox/Librewolf/Mullvad, or Tor Browser.

Arc furthermore appears to have $24 million in VC funding


Arc has many useful features that other browsers don’t have, plus a different UI/UX.

Compartmentalization. I would assume that browser is not private and use a different one for tasks that need to be.

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It still uses Blink for MacOS (so it’s still Chromium based) and WebKit (for iOS). Might as well use the upstream browser with better integration.

I dont like Brave Browser but if I were ever forced back to iOS, I’d get Brave. Firefox is still available for MacOS.

What @SkewedZeppelin is trying to say is that thr investors will eventually want that 24M USD back + profit, of course. Since paying for browser is no longer a thing since Netscape died, it will have to be earned through ads or probably web3/crypto.

TLDR: for better privacy/security, use a better browser.


@jonah maybe an insight if you still use it ?

Depends on your threat model? All the regular Chromium suggestions would apply. Disabling JIT is always a safe bet I guess:

defaults write company.thebrowser.Browser DefaultJavaScriptJitSetting -int 2