Online payment rejection due to my privacy practices

I use many privacy practices by default. For example, I use VPN, hide my browser fingerprint, use email alias, hide my local time, …
Due to these practices, many of my online payments are rejected by fraud detection systems and it makes many problems.
How can I solve this and pay online without being detected by these systems?
Can I accept the risk and ask my bank to lower the sensitivity of my online payments?
Is it clear that which parameters are important in fraud detection services?

First it might be good to check who is causing this. Is this your bank or a payment service provider of the merchant?

I have had similar issues more in the the past (this will be subjective) ysing Mullvad but I haven’t had this as much with proton. As for email aliasses, throw away emails are more problematic than a service like simplelogin. In some cases custom domain can help. What more often hits me is VOIP numbers being blocked.

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