Multilingual YouTube alternative

Let me just preface this by saying that I don’t think what I’m looking for exists, which is sad.

I’m looking for an alternative to YouTube, that has videos in languages other than English.

I know PeerTube exists, and has many languages on its many instances. But it’s a small platform with a small selection of content.

I use Nebula for English-language videos. It’s a great platform (in my opinion), though it’s of course also small.

Where it falls short though, is that it seems to be English-only. This is sad because I speak multiple languages and want to watch videos in those languages (French and German), without using YouTube.

Currently I’m using YouTube through Piped and LibreTube, since I have no real other choice. But I’d really prefer if I didn’t have to.

Thanks in advance for help and advice!

There’s not really much out there unfortunately. Apart from Nebula I only really know of Odysee. And something that maybe could be something in the future is Grayjay. But it is doing some odd stuff with its trademarking/licensing so I’m rather sceptical at the moment.


Odysee is not a platform I want to touch, since they refuse to moderate it at all. I don’t know if they have content in languages other than English on it.

Grayjay is not a platform, but an interface. So, let’s be real here, most of the content you’ll view through it will be from YouTube anyway. And then I don’t see the point over other front-ends.

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