Mulch browser

Why mulch browser is not listed in recommendations? How is it compared to vanadium and brave?
Here is the description from DivestOS website (Our Apps - DivestOS Mobile):

This is a security oriented and hardened web browser based on Chromium technology. Many anti-features are disabled/removed and a handful security features are enabled/added thanks to patches from the Vanadium project. The source repo also includes prebuilts and makefiles to allow other operating systems to include Mulch as their system WebView.

I’m assuming you mean this?
If so I’ve used it before and it works well, almost like Librewolf for mobile. Privacy and security wise its an improvement but it still suffers from the weaker sandbox of the Gecko engine compared to Chromium but for my usecase its not a big deal.

This one

Mulch is the WebView for DivestOS. Mull is the Firefox fork that DivestOS uses.

I don’t really see what Mulch provides that Brave doesn’t, to be honest. I think Brave’s is a much more well-rounded browser when it comes to protecting your privacy.


Mulch isn’t just Webview, it’s an entire chromium browser too, just like vanadium. It’s using a lot of stuff from vanadium as well. (Our Apps - DivestOS Mobile)

As you said it’s only on DivestOS and Vanadium isn’t listed on the website either.

Btw the Developer used to recommend Mull over Mulch but they also recommend using Bromite (Recommended Apps - DivestOS Mobile) so I guess you should take that with a grain of salt.

Correct, Mulch can be used as a normal browser as far as I’m aware. I was merely saying that this is what it’s primarily used for in DivestOS rght now.

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