Metadata removal app on android

So I’m looking for some ways to remove metadata of non-image files (video, PDF…) on android but looks like there’s no tools for that?

I checked but

I don’t really want to use Termux but looks like that’s the only option?

Anyone knows any tools to do it?

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MAT2 locally
Please note that while we do not keep a copy of your file, there is no way that you could be certain about this: Act accordingly. Due to this warning, please consider running MAT2 locally on your device.

Sad that you can’t save a offline web page of (non JS version) locally and remove metadata on the client side.

Yeah, the tool runs in the back-end, not via javascript on front-end.

Another option (at least for me) is might be using pyscript

For PDF, maybe pdf-lib for javascript could help. But urghh, might take some time for me to test as I’m not fluent in js.