Mention that Signal and Session leaks IP in calls (P2P)


This means your IP will be shared with your call partner as well as an OPTF operated STUN/TURN server. Although this is acceptable for most people, you should always make sure to assess your own personal situation to determine whether the risk of exposing your IP is worth it. If you’re in an extremely high-risk situation, we do not recommend enabling peer-to-peer calls — onion-routed calls are on the way.

Note: It is disabled by default, so the recommendation is to not enable it unless you are behind a proxy (VPN/Tor).


By default, Signal will only attempt to establish a P2P [peer-to-peer] connection if you are initiating the call or if you are receiving a call from someone in your contacts. If you are receiving a call from someone not in your address book, Signal will relay that call through the Signal service.

If you want to completely eliminate the risk of exposing your IP address on Signal, tap on your avatar on the top left, tap on Settings, then Privacy, scroll all the way down to Advanced, and turn on the “Always Relay Calls” option. From techcrunch.

You could do a PR

You usually need to get some community/team opinion before opening a PR, unless it is some trivial addition.

It does seem a trivial addition in my view. But also, ip leaks are exceptected with P2P

IIRC Matrix also does this on calls. We’ll have to double-check that, but if so I think adding a configuration note to all three messengers makes sense.


Actually, PG mentions calls relaying in the blog page, but it might be useful to move it to the main page.

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