Mention IPv6 leaks in VPN Overview

I didn’t know about IPv6 leaks until today.

I am currently connecting to Proton VPN using their OpenVPN configuration file and Gnome’s built-in VPN interface. Apparently, because I don’t use the actual Proton VPN app, I am unable to prevent IPv6 leaks.

I first noticed the leak when I typed in “restaurants” in Brave Search on the Brave browser. It gave me a localized result for my actual city rather than the city of my VPN connection. I searched this in a Firefox profile using arkenfox’s user.js and it did not have any leak.

Luckily this issue can be resolved by disabling IPv6 on your browser or even your operating system, but I think mentioning IPv6 leaks (and other potential leaks in general) in an overview on VPNs is something considerable to say the least.


I think Proton already mention it in their website, that you should disable IPv6 when using a VPN but their app will disable it for you More Here and they are working on a fix, now i assume that other VPNs recommended by Privacy Guides warn people too about that. So idk if it would be useful to put it in the overview especially if those recommended VPN are working on a fix because it would likely depend on the VPN services. Maybe add a note under the VPN that has a protection about it and even that i’m not so sure to be useful.

Just my two cents.