Looking for a app that help calculate working hours

I am looking for a privacy safe app that calculate my working hours.
So my days are every day different. but my breaks are not. (morning break 30 min, 12.00 hour break, 60 minutes, etc)
So i want a app where I can add what time I start and what time I finish. (and what i have done)
And then the app automatically strips the break times off and shows the total worked hours .

and i want that the app can safe the total hour to pdf format or whatever so i can send it to my boss.

Like this: Track Work Time | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository? Never used it, so cant vouch for it and i found it after a quick search on fdroid, but might be worth looking into :person_shrugging:

nope, i dont like this one.

I’m… sorry?.. :expressionless:

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It would be very easy to make this with a spreadsheet…you could just use that

A stopwatch seems the best solution to me. Private, reliable, easy to use, and cross-platform :smiley: