Location sharing

Does anyone know of a good location sharing app besides for locus?

My issue with locus is that it doesn’t give the user receiving the location the option to copy the address. Or even better to have the option to guide them to the other person.


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Element (Matrix) has an option to send your location. It allows you to open the location in a map app.

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Something that works on any system is https://what3words.com/
Uses Google Maps API, though.

Thanks for the replies! But I’m looking for an app that can share my location for days at a time.

You will run into battery issues if you want to share your location continuously.
An Apple AirTag would work well for this.

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I know it’ll consume a lot of battery, but I sometimes need it anyway.

I have Android, and I also want to share with multiple people, I can’t exactly start handing out air tags …

https://owntracks.org/ could work.

Thank you so much, but it’s self hosted…
Thanks anyway!