Private location sharing

Hi - what setups or protocols do you all use for sharing location privately with family?

I have been going down the path of using the Nextcloud plugin called Phonetrack using the Phontrack app on GrapheneOS. However, I wanted to use Tailscale to connect to the server running Nextcloud but I also use Mullvad and using Mullvad with Tailscale does not appear to be trivial.

Does anyone have Phonetrack + Mullvad + Tailscale co-existing and working?

Are there any other private methods or services that can be used?

Thank you

iOS family here. Currently use AirTags and Find My.

i just type the address into privatebin and send them the link. Probably more elegant ways to do it, but it gets the job done.

If i have friends/family on a secure messenger already i just type it there, signal also offers location sharing already which is nice.