List of messengers that have working notifications without Play Services

In my attempt to run a completely degoogled phone (GrapheneOS without Play Services) I have noticed that a couple of proprietary messengers have working notifications, for example Whatsapp, Facebook Lite, and Kakaotalk.

I wonder if there is any list of messengers (and related stuff like email clients) showing whether they work on a degoogled phone or rely on Play Services for their notifications?

I am aware of this website for banking app compatibility reports with GrapheneOS, and of Plexus which is a general compatibility database but appears to be abandoned with no updates since 2021.

I’d consider starting such a project on my own but of course this may exist somewhere already?

Here’s a few to get you started:

  • Molly/Signal
  • Matrix/Element
  • Simplex
  • Briar
  • Session
  • Cheogram (JMP.CHAT) (XMPP)

Also lists like Apps using UnifiedPush | UnifiedPush

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all of those proprietary apps still rely on google play services for push notifs. they might still work but theyll drain more battery and sometimes wont be pushed on time or not pushed at all, it half works
the better option is unifiedpush or non play services reliant apps like mentioned above

But exactly that’s my point. Some of the proprietary ones seem to use websockets to get notifications even without Google Play or running in the foreground.

Threema Libre I use it and it works well.

WhatsApp, SchildiChat