public DNS resolver service

Dear Privacy guides members,
I think should be added, or at least considered for inclusion, in secure DNS services. I’ve been using them for years, and I’ve never had a problem: they are very fast, they do not censor anything, and seem to have pretty good privacy and security. They state they have a zero-logs policy and use OpenNIC as their Tier 1. They offer regular unencrypted DNS, DoH and DoT, optionally including ads- and tracker-blocking. Here is the source of the project.

It is operated by LibreOps, a voluntary and donation-based community that offers distributed and FOSS services to the world. They have public instances, many proxies, and publish transparent budgets and are present on opencollective.

I think it should be included in the recommended DNS resolvers list, and if not I would like to know why not.
Note that I’m in no way affiliated with them: I’m just a random guy using their services that’s recommending them because I think they’re good and based.