LEO AI in Brave for Android

Should I…

  1. Disable it?
  2. Uninstall Brave?

I use Brave to view posts from here.

To achieve what exactly?


Pls read Brave Leo AI | Brave before panicking.


Why not use it?


Ohh. Thanks for this!

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Yes, thanks. I’ve used it a couple of times and it’s good so far. Thanks @Tech-Trooper

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This was the content of the FAQ on February 26, answering what data is sent to Brave’s servers.

What data does the Brave browser send to the servers that power Leo?

The Brave browser shares with the server your latest query, the context of your current conversation and, when the use case calls for it, the necessary context from the page you’re viewing (e.g. an article’s text, or a YouTube video’s transcript). Note that once a chat is closed all record of it is erased.

Now changed and says that data sent to Brave’s servers will be processed for 30 days.

What data does the Brave browser send to the servers that power Leo?

With respect to the servers that power Brave Leo, your browser will share your latest prompt, the context of your current conversation, and—when the use case requires it—the necessary context from the page you’re viewing. Note that once a chat is closed, all records of that chat are erased. We do not collect identifiers that can be linked to you (such as IP Address), and no personal data is retained by Brave-hosted AI models. Brave Leo offers several models to choose from. If you select a model from Anthropic and submit Leo queries, that data will be processed by Anthropic for a period of 30 days, then deleted.

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Just want to add that it only happens when you choose to use Claude model. There are a few AI models in Brave. It’s up to your preference.

Yes, that’s already written in the quote. That change was made after Leo was added to Android browser. Who knows what will happen in a few months, we can’t check the FAQ every time.

Like browsers, you need to compartmentalise your conversations with chatbots. For work, just use what you need. Chatgpt 4 is damn so good, none of the alternatives can replace it currently. I use it for work.

For personal use, there won’t be excellent tools such as in notebooks or email servers for AI Chatbots unless you have a powerful machine to run models. So, it’s a question of which one is less worse than others. Brave Leo is kinda acceptable one for me. No account needed, less invasive than others. I love using hugging chat but it sucks on mobile for me.

The importan thing is to use it wisely. As long as you don’t enter personal data, perplexity, Brave Leo or hugging chat are acceptable for me.

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