Brave's answer to Microsoft Copilot

Still will not pop up often, I am on nightly and use Leo often and it only poped once a couple days ago.


Brave’s AI is nowhere closer to Copilot or ChatGPT. Yes, it is privacy friendly but it needs to be trained. I tried asking same questions to Leo, Copilot and ChatGPT, and ChatGPT gave the best answers, and Leo gave the worst answer. Leo gave answers very short, like summary of the summary, while others are trying to explain reason. Only good thing is, it is not racist and white hating like Copilot and Gemini.


I guess that is the sad reality with every privacy product.

The model are far worse, but really this is because OpenAI, Microsoft, Google are either not open-sourcing shit, or are only doing so with dumbed-down model. That being said, Brave could use Llama 3 70B, but that would be very costly.