Brave update brings Leo, its AI assisstant based on LLaMA

" Introducing Brave Leo, the smart AI assistant built right into the browser. Whether you’re looking for information, trying to solve a problem, or asking for video transcripts or interactive article summaries, Leo can help.

Chats in Leo aren’t used for training purposes, and no one can review your conversations. With Leo, you get a seamless AI experience and unparalleled privacy."


Hope someone could build a Brave fork without Leo AI, Crypto reward, …

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That’s not very likely to happen. The good news is: it’s all opt-in and once the buttons etc. are hidden they never bother you about it again.


Tbh, I think the opposite. You can run LLAMA 17b in your laptop, but most of people won’t do that. So, I found this feature very useful. It’s much better than ChatGPT with regard to privacy and accessible via side panel.
For the crypto, I don’t like it, too, but as @Valynor points out all is opt-in, so you just need to disable them once and you won’t be bothered.

I like crypto, so I like Brave. I hope Brave improve their wallet a lot more, so I can use it as my main wallet. It’s still far from that, though.

Nevertheless, Brave is a good example of why Chromium-based browsers other than Chrome should exist.

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