Keepass and otp

Is keepass the best password manager? Is necesary de otp with keepass? I’m thinking use keepass in my mobile with lineage os and my pc with linux and i want to know if that is the best option

I do have to correct you: KeePass is originally a Windows app, the current recommendation is KeePassXC for most desktop OS, KeePassDX for android and IIRC Strongbox for iOS.

As for it being the best, it depends on whether you want to control the app syncing or if you want the app to do it for you in the cloud. For easy cloud syncing, the current best recommendation is Bitwarden. If you want it to manager yourself, KeePassXC is nice.


Thanks!! :wink::wink:

KeePass is great but I hate its sync so I moved to Bitwarden, sometimes I do backup too

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