GNOME Secrets (KeePass-compatible client)

We recommend OS-specific KeePass clients for Android, iOS, and macOS. Do we want to consider recommending any alternative clients for Linux users?

We recommend KeePass apps for Android and iOS (KeePassDX and Strongbox respectively) because KeePassXC (the cross-platform option) is desktop-only.

The fact that Strongbox also has a macOS version is a happy accident, and not something we were looking for when we added it.

I wouldn’t add GNOME specific or KDE specific software if there isn’t a clear advantage to them, and I would eventually also want to remove those options from the News Aggregator and E-mail Clients pages as well.


I agree with @matchboxbananasynergy, if there’s no advantage of KeePassXC over GNOME or KDE specific software then it shouldn’t be added.

I also agree just using keepassxc for desktop users since its already in place and less likely for users to come across issues with UX/UI issues or even bugs that are unique to the Gnome or KDE versions

Options are good in an open ecosystem and a more tight integration with your current workflow, in this case, GNOME, is also something that people can find value in.

One possible downside is, the code is not formally audited by a third party - I dont know how much one can take stock from such information. Bitwarden is audited. KeePass and its derivatives arent, AFAIK, but they are probably fine.


I want to use a password manager from the command line and found pass
Is this a good choice?

On the site in the CLI section here it lists gopass. Not sure what the difference is but I’m assuming pass isn’t recommended for good reason.

see discussion here: Remove pass and gopass · Discussion #950 · privacyguides/ · GitHub


I agree with this. Specifically the part about removing those options from the news aggregator and email client pages. I think we should focus on recommending the KeePass “format”, and then by extension also the most used, and most well supported clients, but it would be ridiculous to try to recommend a different app for everyone.

Personally, I use Secrets and I think it’s great, but that’s my experience, and it’s a very basic app. Maybe the site should link to a list of clients, rather than trying to recommend more, or even any, but that’s just my opinion. Regardless, a page full of platform-specific recommendations (desktop environment specific here even) doesn’t help anyone.

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Hello, I’m using KeePassXC, on linux Debian 10. I haven’t setup browser support for 2fa yet because I’m worried about security. Having to copy and paste when ever I want to login is kinda annoying though. Is it “relatively” safe to use Kees for firefox browser? Is there a better option? I believe i read somewhere that its better than using Mozzila password keeper.