Do you guys use Bitwarden, Strongbox or the built-in password manager for your iphones?

I’ve been using the built-in password manager all my life and is just now getting into the privacy/security space. What do you guys recommend?

If the built-in password manager works for you then there’s nothing wrong with using it, as long as it’s E2EE if you have syncing turned on (I know the Google and Apple ones are E2EE). We have some recommendations that you can take a look at. I think the main benefit of using these over your default one is cross platform support, but if that’s not something you need then there’s no reason to change it. I personally use the default Apple password manager since it suits my needs just fine.

Personally i prefer Bitwarden since i can sign in via the website if i ever lose my device and need to borrow someone else’s device and i like the cross platform nature since i bounce between my computer and phone a lot.

As an android user I’d been using keepass DX but since I switched to iPhone, I’ve felt strongbox lacking some of the features I‘d used to have for free. Bitwarden is perfect with it’s syncing and with paid version I can store TOTPs in there too out of the convenience. It gets copied automatically to the keyboard so you just have to paste it. I have secured the access to bitwarden with 2 fido authenticators, 1x NFC blue yubikey and my iPhone itself.