JDownloader: Is It Secure?

Good morning,

I’ve been trying to find information on this for a long time as I desperately need an App that I can trust to download videos from websites.

Does anyone have experience with this?

I know it’s open source, but since it’s free I was thinking I may be safer if I use a paid and closed source App?

Official download link: Update behavior of JDownloader - Powered by Kayako Help Desk Software

I searched the community and didn’t find any discussions so it’d be GREAT to hear what the experts here think!

Thank you for reading my question.


I don’t know about this app, but to download videos from the internet I recommend yt-dlp or any app based on this library. It is pretty good, reliable, fast and battle-tested.


The code is partially open source (according to wikipedia), therefore only the reviewable code is potentially secure (assuming people review the code).

I think the yt-dlp also has the ability to download videos from other sites as well.


I think the yt-dlp also has the ability to download videos from other sites as well.

Yes, it does.

For a graphical interface, try something like Video Downloader.

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Sorry but what kind of logic is that?

Otherwise, as others said, the most popular option is yt-dlp and its front-ends.

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I appreciate all of your replies!!!

This is the first time I’ve come across yt-dlp so I’m reading about it now.

Are there any other App recommendations? I just want something that I know is secure and won’t reveal my personal information.

I use stacher for a GUI, works perfectly.

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I guess my thinking is that if I pay a company for a closed source app they have an incentive to protect my personal information?

JDownloader has Adware???


Seems risky to me?

Why is this even a discussion? Use open source, free, tools like youtube-dl or yt-dlp. There is no reason to use anything else when those exist, are trusted, don’t cost anything, and can even be contributed to (since they’re open source).

Whether they do or do not is mostly irrelevant here. There is no personal information associated with downloading a video off the internet. If a tool claims they need info, they’re lying. youtube-dl and yt-dlp won’t collect any info from you. They’ll just do their job.

Then use youtube-dl or yt-dlp.

I suggest marking a post here as the solution, and ending this discussion. There is no way to properly assess whether or not the proprietary tool you’re inquiring about is private and secure or not. No easy way at least. And there is no reason to, because verifiably private tools exist.


I appreciate your reply!

I’ve been trying to find the official source of “youtube-dl” but I keep getting an error that it’s been taken down?!?!?

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I appreciate your reply!

However, from everything I’ve looked at, this seems to be the official website, but it’s been taken offline?


It appears so. You can instead visit youtube-dl.

Please mark some post here as the solution so the thread is “solved”.

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I appreciate your reply!

Yes, that link works fine for me.

I want to keep this thread open because I want to choose a video downloader App and then come back to this thread and give my feedback as to what works best and what is the most secure.

I feel like a question about downloading video is only going to become MORE important as time goes by with so many streaming services and the shut down of many companies removing blu-ray/DVD and moving to exclusively having streaming video to buy their products.


I just think this topic will be extremely valuable to this community.

This has me very worried:

If you go to Releases · engatec/vdl · GitHub it says
" * Youtube-dl has been removed as it doesn’t seem alive anymore"

I thought youtube-dl was still active I’m not sure what this means???

youtube-dl is dead the successor is very much alive (last I checked): yt-dlp

Edit: still alive, recently activity 16 hrs ago as I post this


I appreciate your reply!

Is this a safe link to get the app from?

(GitHub - yt-dlp/yt-dlp: A youtube-dl fork with additional features and fixes)

If in doubt, search from GitHub itself. Dont trust links posted on any public forums including this one for good OpSec.

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I appreciate your reply!

What is the safest place to download new apps from?

I used to trust sourceforge.net but then it turned out they were adding in malware and ads into their apps so now I’m EXTREMELY cautious of where I download from! :cry: :cry:

A question like this probably deserves its own thread…