Is Tab Session Manager good or bad for privacy?

I’m using the Arkenfox user.js file for Firefox which disables session restore, and while I can just override it I would like to avoid that if possible. This is why i’ve been using TSM a while, but i’ve been wondering lately if it’s actually a good replacement for the built-in session restore. If it is, what settings should I use?

Personally off the top of my head the more extensions (I’m assuming its an extension) you add the more fingerprintable you are and the more attack surface you add. I like to use the built in settings over replacing them with alternatives unless there is a glaring issue with the built in.

Why does Arkenfox remove session restore in the first place? I’m just wondering since I have 4 extensions and this website says I have a non-unique fingerprint where I am 1 in 2273.55 that has my fingerprint. Is it still better to override the prefs for session restore or should I keep using TSM?

Hmm I’m no expert with arkenfox, I’m assuming they remove for a security/privacy reason. Maybe someone here can elaborate on that better then i can. Sorry i couldn’t provide a better answer!

No worries, thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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