Exploring the Privacy Threats of Browser Extension Fingerprinting

If you’re after a light, morning read, this might not fit the bill. But, if you don’t mind the denseness of research, or you’re interested, here’s a highlight from my recent reading! :smile:

I found III. System Design and Implementation and V. Experimental Evaluation: Fingerprints particularly interesting, although I really recommend reading the full paper.


What an excellent paper. I love reading about fingerprint reduction (and RFP). I’m a regular user of Arkenfox/user.js myself. It’s wild how so many things which you do in your browser can be fingerprinting nightmares. Keep the information flowing freely!


Interesting read, thanks for sharing. I’ve only skimmed through it quickly looking for some references to about identifying users through their web browser’s installed and/or active themes. Do you guys know if installing themes or customizing themes via local css files e.g., userChrome.css is a concern for privacy?