Is proton pass free a good 2fa auth?

Hi, I have been a bitwarden premium user for a while now and have been using authy as a 2FA application for some time. The thing is that it is true that I would like to use another app than authy, and putting everything in bitwarden would make the 2FA useless. The thing is that I’ve been looking at alternatives for a while and I’ve seen proton pass. And looking at it I found that the free plan (proton pass) on the web tells that free plan doesn’t have 2FA, but for some reason when using the application it does let me put it in. Is there a specific 2FA limit or is it just a hoax?

Is there is any other alternative I would like to know about it too, and preferably at least a reputable and secure one.

Thanks in advance and excuse my English.

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If your looking for TOTP 2fa app then check out privacy guides’ recommendations: Multi-Factor Authenticators - Privacy Guides. I personally use Aegis, and its very good in my (limited) experience


The thing is that aegis is not available to me as I am an iOS user, and as for ente I have also looked at it and it seems to look good.

I’ve been looking and it can also be a solid alternative (ente) , and more than anything I was asking about proton to see if it could be a good option even if it wasn’t there.

I’ll take a look at ente too, thanks for the reply exaCORE!

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Proton Pass doesn’t seem to align with the current criteria for 2FA mobile apps on Privacy Guides, specifically the second criterion:

  • Must not require internet connectivity.

Proton Pass requires signing in to a Proton account (or creating one) to start using it: How to set up Proton Pass on your iPhone or iPad | Proton

Also, if you use Proton Pass as your 2FA app, then you encounter the following issue: what 2FA app do you use to secure the Proton account that you use to log in to the Pass app? (The Proton mobile apps currently don’t support using a hardware key for 2FA.)

At that point, using an offline 2FA app that doesn’t require an account is easier.


Its limited to three logins, as in it will only generate TOTP codes for the first three logins you add a TOTP seed to


Oh, I didn’t know that it couldn’t be used without a connection. And actually what you say about it requiring another 2FA makes sense haha, I hadn’t thought of it that way.

Well I’ll take a look at ente, if you know of any more interesting ones like that for iOS I’d really appreciate it.

Thank you very much for your time Redoomed! :smile:

I didn´t know that it was only 3, it just seemed weird to me haha. But its true that i only tried it once haha.

Thank you very much Reset0609!