What 2FA app would you recommend for IOS?

I have been using 2FAS but have seen it’s being rejected here on privacyguides. Tofu doesn’t seem to be updated, raivo was bought, ente auth requires an account, microsoft, authy and google authenticator are just not what I want. I would really like some suggestions. Also what are your opinions on icloud keychain for passwords and totp keys?

You can use Ente Auth offline.


I’m currently using Ente Auth.


Ente is now recommend by this website.

Avoid Raivo.

I would recommend against any products that lock you in to a particular walled garden, such as iCloud Keychain.

It is often the case that companies attempt to trap users into a certain product, and only later pivot to privacy disrespecting practices. These corporations simply cannot be trusted, regardless of whether the current product is safe for privacy.

Case in point, I do not see a way to export your codes from iCloud once they are entered :triangular_flag_on_post:


Screenshot 2024-06-09 at 16.32.20

Not using Keychain for 2FA … does this not export the seeds, too?

I’m not sure, I’ve only looked at iOS (where the option to export anything doesn’t exist at all AFAICT)

Edit: Yes, they can be exported if you buy a Mac lol

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KeePassium and strongbox are full password manager but both function fantastic if used for just TOTP codes.

What about Bitwarden Mobile Authenticator app?

The Bitwarden Mobile Authenticator app is a simple authenticator app that can be used for storing 2FA codes. It has the basic features you would expect from an authenticator, like being able to add, edit, and export your 2FA codes to a JSON or CSV. However, in my opinion, I think ente auth is a better option. It has all the features from Bitwarden Authenticator, and more. For example, you can hide your 2FA codes when the app launches and double tap to reveal a specific 2FA code. This feature can be helpful if someone is trying to peek over your shoulder and view your 2FA codes. You can also organise your 2FA codes by adding tags and pin them if needed.

Bitwarden Authenticator is still a great option for those looking for a simple authenticator that does the job, but I think people should consider ente auth as an option.

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There is a way to export but only on macOS. iOS doesn’t have that option.

I exported all my passwords from iCloud Keychain and imported to Bitwarden via macOS, worked great, but it does require macOS.

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If you use KeePass apps and sync them to your PC it stops being 2fa. I only keep 2fa on my phone with encrypted backups

Thanks, I didn’t knew that I can use ente auth offline. Just switched to it and it works both on mac and iphone. Thanks a lot!