Is it safe to install a "companion app" with a Firefox extension?

There are so many options with web browser extensions, dedicated apps, websites that it’s impossible to choose which one.

I just want something that protects user privacy and security.

Is yt-dlp the best solution for saving videos?

Is there a front end you can recommend?

Yes, in my experience it tends to be. For frontends see the recommendations in the ‘installation’ section: yt-dlp - ArchWiki


What about for a Windows PC?

If you had gone to the github pages of the recommendations you would see they are also available for windows.


I appreciate your reply. I’m searching the GitHub pages now but I can’t see it? :sweat:

Here is an example of the github page of one of the recommendations:

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I appreciate your reply!

I’m still feeling incredibly leery of installing the companion app that comes with

I’m looking at these links that have the most up to date information:

Could someone please check it out for me and tell me if the companion app is safe to install on a Windows PC?

The source code is now freely available, but I’m not sure how to read the source code and determine if the App is safe? If anyone can recommend a guide that someone has written on this community it’d be great!

Source code link: GitHub - aclap-dev/vdhcoapp: Companion application for Video DownloadHelper browser add-on

I appreciate your reply!

Okay I just purchased this again, however I STILL haven’t tried installing the Companion App… :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: This is a real problem for me as this extension has remarkable potential for good but this Companion App makes me feel like it has remarkable potential to be bad… :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

Is there any way for me to be 100% sure that it’s safe for user privacy and doesn’t transmit user data back to someone on the internet via a backdoor?

I thought buying the app would put me at ease but it hasn’t… :sob:

Link: Video DownloadHelper - Get a license

I’d really appreciate it if the great minds in this community could do a “check” for me?

Thanks for any help… :disappointed: :disappointed:

I wish I had another PC I could use to test this app by sandboxing it but I only have access to Windows 10 PC’s that don’t have enough RAM to support sandboxing… :disappointed: :disappointed: :disappointed:


I just had the idea of using another version of Firefox to try this out like Firefox Developer Edition or a fork like Waterfox but even if I use these I’ll still need to install the companion app which is an .EXE file… :frowning_face: :frowning_face: :frowning_face:

@ Average_Joe - So you bought the program and asked the same question almost a year ago. Am I missing something? Why buy it again when it comes with a lifetime license? What and where are you trying to download?

Just to be helpful, I use which allows you to download from the following websites: &
• dailymotion videos
• instagram posts & reels
• loom videos
• ok video
• pinterest (all media)
• reddit videos & gifs
• rutube videos
• soundcloud
• tiktok videos, photos & audio
• tumblr video & audio
• twitch clips
• twitter videos & voice
• vimeo
• vine archive
• vk video & clips
• youtube videos, shorts & music
** and other web sites

Here’s what they say about privacy:
“cobalt’s privacy policy is simple: no data about you is ever collected or stored. zero, zilch, nada, nothing.
what you download is solely your business, not mine or anyone else’s.”

For more about the service which is free, click on the ‘about’ button at the bottom of the web page. There’s also a ‘settings’ button at the bottom to fine-tune your download.

Not sure if this helps you or is what you’re looking for but hopefully it helps!

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I appreciate your reply!

Yes, you are correct!

I was so worried about my user privacy that I thought paying twice would give me more user privacy… :sob: :confused: :confused: :confused:

I just think the topic of finding a reliable video downloader is extremely important since more and more content on the internet is no longer in the form of articles for reading but for videos instead.

Take a look at the following software to see if it meets your needs.

Free software:

Free and paid:

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I’ve been looking at the paid options for a couple hours now, but is this list of Apps known to be safe and secure?

Is it a collection of safe Apps like GitHub and Sourceforge are supposed to be?

I’ve been using these apps for over 20 years and never had a problem. When you click on each app to read about it, there’s a section if you scroll down where anyone can leave comments or reviews. On the web site itself, there’s a forum where you can ask questions and get help.

To get you started, you can check out the forum on media downloading:

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I appreciate your reply!

I did some searching and found this:

It doesn’t cover the “Companion App” though… :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: