Is it any problem in making an app with ChatGPT?

I want to make an app that mute the notification sound while iam recording and while iam listening to record cause the sound of the notification while recording is so loud and annoying, So i was thinking in making an app to do this function using ChatGPT but i was wondring if their any problems in that from security and privacy prespective?

P.s I was thinking in making such function using KeyMapper but i don’t know how to do that, Anyone know how?

All inputs to ChatGPT are processed on OpenAI’s servers and can be used for training or advertising from what i can tell (see Privacy policy). If you are talking about asking ChatGPT to write code for you, then honestly, it doesn’t do great for writing whole programs. If you are intent on making your own app, you might find it a good learning experience to make it yourself. Yes, it would require a lot of work, but a lot could be learned from the process.

Alternatively, why cant you just turn on do not disturb mode when you are recording though? Or switch to vibrate mode?


On that point, I want to add that ChatGPT has a “Chat history and training” toggle in the settings, so your chat history will not be remembered on the device you’re currently in, your inputs will not be used for training purposes and not stored more than 30 days. At least, this is what they say.

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I think the enterprise version of ChatGPT has a more cleaner implementation of not logging your prompts and interactions? IIRC the paid consumer app is still analyzed.