ChatGPT paid version?

How’s ChatGPT paid plans in terms of privacy?

Search results nowadays are pretty bad compared to back in the days… I guess most people in tech job use ChatGPT now.

The paid version doesn’t give you any extra privacy.

The Team version (60$/month for 2 users) give you a guarantee to not have your data used for training or else.

But it depend if you trust OpenAI or not.

For a guarantee of privacy (remember : privacy is about not having to trust ), see this discussion Add AI Chat tools

Switch to llama by meta or mistral or olmo
Use this. With ollama

Paid chatGPT isnt private. Their enterprise plan is more private IIRC but good luck on pricing

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@brivacy the only problem with your approach is that *llama needs to be (self)hosted and thats not what OP (@4us) wants/talks about…