Privacy with ChatGPT without an account / no sign in

Hi! I sometimes use ChatGPT to help guide me to actual sources for researching historical topics for educational purposes. Obviously, I dont trust everything ChatGPT says, i just use it as a tool and then verify. Sometimes the questions I ask can be very dark and disturbing as parts of our history are. I do my best to keep my online life private with things like Firefox in strict mode, no google, and a virtual private network. Would there be any concerns w/ using ChatGPT w/out and account / not signing in?

Use a VPN (or tor if it works) and mullvad browser (or at least an incognito tab of any other good browser) and remember that every conversation is logged.

Prefer using Brave Leo (Mixtral or Meta are self-hosted by Brave) which don’t log. Nowadays Mixtral is better than base ChatGPT. See Brave Leo AI | Brave

You might also want to look into DuckDuckGo Chat, but disclamer have no idea of its privacy guarantees.

[disclaimer: I haven’t like tested this thoroughly at all]

…but installing something like might be the best move.

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There are many apps to run AI model locally, like

But your average PC will only run models with a dozen less parameters than online.

See to see the best AI models (open and closed source)

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This would actually be a nice addition to PG at some point. Similar to the recommended private search engines: recommended private AI tools.

(For now I use Bing AI because it’s quite good but without account you can only ask it four questions in a row.)

See AI Tool