Is it a license violation?

Suppose there’s an android app on github which is foss and is also published on f-droid. All updates are shared on github and playstore as well. However recently the developer decided to only provide updates via playstore and abandon github completely which means no new code changes will be commited to the repository, still the users will get new update on the playstore. What do you think about it ? Is it a license violation? The app uses GPL V3 license.

Not unless they don’t provide source code to people who download the app and then request it. Pretty sure that’s the requirement for the GPLs

So as long as the users get the source code on request, it’s not considered a violation of the license. Right ?


The author can multi-license their work.
Their own builds do NOT have to be licensed the same.
Only derivatives of the app by others are impacted by the license.

So on the surface, the app went proprietary and there is no violation.

However! If the app contains work by others under either via a library or contributed without a CLA, it may be a violation depending on license.